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Drupal Challenge


I am workig on the content and design of the UTEST website. We preferred to build the site on an easily customizable platform that enables easy update by the lab staff and students who are not experts in web design. Basically,  the content is not so complex therefore could be easily represented on a WordPress platform. However we learned that the METU servers do not support it due to security issues. Rather, they use Drupal.

So, here is my first Drupal experience.I have been trying to figure out what each module is for, how it is installed and then used for the last 2 weeks… and of course the bugs, updates, customization… Lastly, due to a problem on the visibility of the visuals -most probably based on an “unseen”bug related with file permission issues… There is so little left for me to quit everything on Drupal and turn to Dremweaver and’s XHTML tutorials for CSS editing!

I wish there was a module in Drupal to build up customized “module recipes” for specified purposes.


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