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Design is a Caravan full of Colorful Things, on the Road to Future, and Research is the Steering Wheel…

I am a design and user researcher and usability specialist. For eight years I have been taking part in the consumer products and automotive design projects, inquiring the dimensions of usability, satisfaction and enjoyment related to product use.

I am proud to say that I gained my research experience at the first independent usability lab in Turkey, METU-BILTIR/UTEST Product Usability Unit. This enabled me to take part in the versatile studies on usability, interaction design, user experience, product safety and perceived quality; doing research design, contextual research,test monitoring, analysis and developing design solutions.

Following my MS degree in Industrial Design, I am now a PhD candidate at Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design. My continued PhD studies relate to persuasive technology design for increasing awareness on energy consumption  at the home environment. Anything that relate to product design grasps my attention, but my main research interests are user experience design & interaction design, especially in the areas of ubiquitous computing and tangible user interfaces.

Currently I enjoy residing in Eindhoven, Netherlands, remotely continue my research, learning Dutch and making  jewelry design.

Hava a look at my CV for my qualifications.

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