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Changing Education Paradigms

A great animation on how we should change the education system worldwide. I agree that mainstream education system is about “manufacturing” people; killing their creativity and being successful by applying the right rules-just following footprints. However the incremental change comes from the one that thinks “out of the box”. What a dilemma… But actually it is so simple. Hats off to the visual representation by RSAnimation.


Digital Info in Physical Space

A good simple example of integrating digital info in physical space and the use of social media in everyday life…

promo is an RFID enabled bulletin board that publicizes events physically and digitally through facebook and text messaging. the project is the creation of mike clare and justin o’connor, two design students from the rhode island school of design. when a student sees an event of interest, they simply put their personal RFID tag up to the board and the system will send them a text message with information about the event and invitee them to the vent on facebook. in case the user forgets about the event, promo will send them a reminder message one day and one hour before the event.